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Offered Weekends 3:00PM – 4:00PM between Brunch & Dinner



Your choice of 1, 2 or 3 Farmstead Cheeses | $11 – $18 – $25 | served with preserves, honey, candied almonds, fresh breads.

High Lawn Wilde Field«

Lee, MA | Cow. IPA washed. Aged 8+mos. Sharp. Nutty. Buttery-chew.

Green Mountain Boucher Blue 

Highgate, VT | Cow. Creamy. Salty. Sharp. Bold.

Cato Corner Farm Bloomsday

Colchester, CT | Cow. Aged 6-7mos. Mottled. Sweet. Cheddary acidity. 

Stony Pond Swallowtail Tomme 

Fairfield, VT | Cow. Buttery. Grassy. Herbaceous. Earthy. Nuanced. 

Four Fat Fowl St. Stephen 

Stephentown, NY | Cow. Triple Cream. Decadent, buttery notes. Simply divine.

Rogue Smokey Echo Blue«

Central Point, OR | Cow. Fudgy. Dense. Bacony. Smoked over hazelnut shells©.

Vella Dry Monterey Jack 

Sonoma, CA | Cow. Aged 12+mos. Sharp. Salty-sweet. Parmesan-like Acidity.

Nettle Meadow Adiron-Jack«

Lake Luzerne, NY |Cow. Applejack brandy infused. Floral. Fruity. Heavenly.

Jasper Hill Vault No. 5

Greensboro, VT | Cow. Meaty. Salty-sweet. Crystalline. Intense.

Old Chatham Boujee Blue 

Groton, NY Cow/Sheep/Goat. Well balanced. Silky texture. Sweet, tangy bite.

Lively Run Finger Lakes Gold Reserve

Interlaken, NY | Goat. Aged 10+mos. Crumbly. Salty. Nutty & sweet.

Barn First Creamery Cowles

Westfield, VT | Goat. Bloomy, ashed rind. Gooey. Tangy. Hint of funk.

Westfield Capri

Hubbardston, MA | Goat. Classic Chèvre. Vibrant. Lemony. Luscious.


Your choice of 1, 2 or 3 charcuterie items | $11 – $18 – $25 - $50 | served with pickles, mustard, and crostini

Spanish Chorizo

dry-cured, Spanish Sausage with pimenton


dry-cured fennel salumi

Paté Campagne

bacon-wrapped, pork & pistachio country pate

Petit Jesu

French style dry-cured sausage

Rillette de Cochon

confit pork, whole grain mustard, Lebanese hyssop, bacon fat


Crusty Bread 8

fresh baked leavened bread, cultured butter, fleur de sel


savory mix of marinated Mediterranean olives


chickpea hummus, paprika, lemon, EVOO, grilled pita 

Whipped Feta15

parsley & mint gremolata, EVOO, honey, sunflower seed za'atar, grilled bread

Mediterranean Slate 25

whipped feta, hummus, olives, serrano ham, pickles, fresh baked breads