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Book your Armsby Abbey reservation on Resy


Available Tuesday thru Friday 12PM - 8PM, Saturday 10AM-8PM, and Sunday 10AM - 4PM | Closed Mondays | To help streamline our ordering processs, please place all your orders through our online store | All payments due via credit card in advance | No cash transactions are permitted at pick-up | Last call for all orders is 30 minutes before close.


We have exclusivity on the following draft selections in Worcester County so you won't be able to get these anywhere else! All draft sales will be sold out the door from one of our growlers ONLY. These are single use growlers only. No personally owned growlers can be filled due to COVID-19. Draft is priced at 32oz or 64oz growlers respectively

Crooked Stave Member Berries Riesling | CO | 16/32

Choice of 16oz or 32oz growlers | Member Berries 2016 Riesling | American Wild Ale | 8.16% | LIMITED RELEASE!!! This beer is no longer in production!!! Spontaneous golden ale aged in oak barrels with Riesling grapes.

Fox Farm Layers IPA | CT | 16/30

Choice of 32oz or 64oz growlers Layers | IPA | 6.5% | Layers is built to feature Strata - a very exciting hop strain! Much like the Roam showcase of this hop, there’s no shortage of peach and cannabis qualities along with some berry and passionfruit aromatics. Soft and expressive.

Fox Farm Virid IPA | CT | 16/30

Choice of 32oz or 64oz growler | Virid | 7.4% | IPA | Virid (previously called Verdant) is our IPA hopped exclusively with Southern Hemisphere varieties including Nelson Sauvin, Galaxy, Vic Secret and Enigma.

Fox Farm Wile IPA | CT | 16/30

Choice of 32oz or 64oz growler | Wile | 7.4% | IPA | This one was built from the ground up to feature the all-mighty Citra hop. To that end, we opted for a grain bill that strikes an even balance among our current IPA offerings - giving the beer enough structure to support and compliment the single-hop expression. Pours an opaque vibrant orange, lots of lacing. Sweet and soft fruit aroma. Melon, pineapple, grapefruit and lemon with a hint of floral hops. Extremely drinkable.

Hill Farmstead Edward | VT | 15/28

Choice of 750ml or 64oz growler | Edward | 5.2% | American Pale | Unfiltered, naturally carbonated, and dry hopped; spicy, herbal and citrusy hops flourish. Malts contribute subtle caramel angles & crunchy biscuit flavors in contrast. Rich, complex & amazingly delicious with frothy carbonation and relative dryness making it reminiscent of some Belgian brews.

Hill Farmstead Mary | VT | 15/28

Choice of 750ml or 64oz growler | Mary | 4.8% | Pilsner | German-style pilsner brewed with our well water, American 2-row malt, our favorite German hops, classic German lager yeast. appearance is clear yellow with light white head. Aroma is grass like with herbal undertones. Taste is very clean with light notes of grass and a dry crisp finish.

Kent Falls Patience Like a Buffalo | CT| 12/22

Choice of 16oz or 32oz growlers | 4.45% | Brett Lager | Brewed with Connecticut grown pilsner malt and emmer and allowed to rest with Brettanomyces at mellow temperatures for six months before a final lagering. This beer is simply constructed allowing time and quality of ingredients and process to take the stage. Clean and proper with a suggestion of a wilder side. Patience Like a Buffalo is a collaboration with our friends from Heirloom Rustic Ales in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

Trillium Congress Street IPA | MA | 15/28

Choice of 32oz or 64oz growler | Trillium Brewing, MA | 7.2% | IPA | Our flagship American IPA highlights the distinctively aromatic Australian Galaxy hop.  The nose bursts with pine, citrus rind, melon and pineapple. Pronounced flavors of peach, clementine, and tropical fruits are accentuated with moderate bitterness and balanced by a light, biscuity malt character.  

Trillium Galaxy Fort Point | MA | 15/28

Choice of 32oz or 64oz growler | Trillium Brewing, MA | 6.6% | American Pale Ale | This version of our signature American pale ale is dry hopped with the pungent Galaxy variety. Enticingly hazy and blonde in appearance with frothy carb, the nose erupts with strong citrus, passion fruit, and pineapple aromatics. Upfront and resinous hop-derived flavors of grapefruit pith, peach, and mango are balanced with a subtle, bready malt character and mild, subdued bitterness.


We have exclusivity on the following cans in Worcester County so you won't be able to get these anywhere else! All can sales are avaialble by the 4-pack ONLY. No single cans will be sold.

Fox Farm Brewing | CT | $28 per 4pack

Allora | 6.4% | IPA | New England style IPA featuring Centennial, Mosaic, and Citra hops.

Alta | 6.8% | IPA | brewed with a generous helping of spelt and oats and hopped with Amarillo, Motueka and Citra. Beautifully floral and citrus nose. Dry finish with a nice hoppy bite.

Ashlawn | 7.0% | Coffee Stout | We started with a stout, made with a hearty addition of oats, and layered in tons of freshly roasted coffee. For each iteration of Ashlawn, we turn to Ashlawn Farm Coffee for guidance and inspiration in selecting a unique bean to highlight in that particular batch.

Dwell | 5.9% | Pale Ale | American pale ale dry-hopped with a blend of New Zealand and American hops. Sweet citrus and tropical fruit aroma with some herbal hops. The taste is herbal and dank hops with a bit of pine followed by some pineapple and guava.

The Camp | 5.4% | Smoked Lager | inspired by the historic Rauchbiers of Bamberg

Kent Falls Brewing | CT | $28 per 4pack

Superscript IPA Batch #5 | 6.0% | IPA | Superscriptᴵᴾᴬ is brand new for 2020 brewed with Michigan Copper and Strata; two of our favorite new hop varieties. Michigan Copper is one of the first hop varieties to be released from Michigan’s hop breeding program and has incredible pineapple, soft tropical and floral character. Strata, a new hop from Indie Hops in Oregon has big strawberry notes, with citrus and pine popping up in the background. These hops, like so many in the market are proprietary to these farms and provide a new life to smaller independent hop farms for growth.


STOUTFEST XI may not have been able to happen this year, but we still have all the stouts in-house! Given that our flights of 4 stouts have always been the most popular aspect of STOUTFEST, we decided to package a flight for you to enjoy at home! Our STOUTFEST to-go flight will morph as time passes, and barrels kick, but it will always include 32oz of 4 pre-determined world class stouts (1-8oz bottle of each!) as detailed below.


Churros Con Chocolate | Basqueland Brewing Project, ESP | 10.0% | Imperial Pastry Stout | Inspired by Spain’s most famous street food. Real churros added into the kettle for real street cred. Luscious & deep with a touch of cinnamon, collaboration with Cervisiam, Norway.

Junie Goes Coconuts | Transient Artisan Ales, MI | 12.5% | Imperial Rye Stout | with salted caramel, chocolate and toasted coconut.

2016 Worldwide Stout | Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, DE | 18.0% | Imperial Stout | Kept cool aging in our beer cooler for over 4 years! Brewed with a ridiculous amount of barley, World Wide Stout is dark, roasty and complex. This Ageable Ale clocks in at 15-20% ABV and has a depth more in line with a fine port than with a can of cheap, mass-marketed beer. World Wide debuted in the winter of 1999, and the staying power of this brew is undeniable. World Wide Stout only gets better with age. After some time in your beer cellar, the heat of the booze fades into the background and the port notes and roastiness take over. 

Barrel-Aged Adjunction Junction | Trillium Brewing, MA | 14.0% | Imperial Stout | The barrel-aged version of a 2018 collaboration beer that brought together Trillium Brewing Co. and the talents of four more of the biggest names in the craft beer industry. BA Adjunction Junction is an imperial stout brewed with a “large amount” of almonds, coconut, coffee, macadamia nuts, pecans and vanilla. This beer is a barrel-aged version of a joint effort between four other breweries that was released on Sept. 29, 2018: The Veil Brewing Co. of Richmond, Va., Cloudwater Beer Co. in Manchester, U.K., Monkish Brewing in Torrance, Calif. and Brooklyn, N.Y.-based Other Half Brewing. 


The following selections from our bottle coolers are also available ifor purchase. Priced per bottle as is. If interested please call 508-795-1012 as these will not be detailed in our online store but are available for purchase by the bottle.


Orval | BEL | 6.9% | $12

Westmalle Dubbel | BEL | 7.0% | $12  


De La Senne Bruxellensis Reserva | BEL | 6.5% | $45
Dunham Saison Du Pinacle | BEL | 8.0% | $28 
Dupont Saison | BEL | 6.5% | $14
Fantôme Pissenlit | BEL | 8.0% | $35
Fantôme Saison | BEL | 8.0% | (750ml) | $35
2016 Jester King Kvass (Batch #1) | TX | $40
2017 Jester King SPON (1) | TX | 5.6% | (375ml) | $75
2015 Oxbow Crossfade | ME | 5.0% | $22


2018 Drie Fonteienen Oude Gueze | BEL | 5.4% | (750ml) | $60
2018 Drie Fonteinen Cuvée Armand & Gaston | BEL | 5.2% | (750ml) | $75
Drie Fonteinen Cuvée Armand & Gaston | BEL | 5.2% | (1.5L Magnum) | $175
2018 Drie Fonteinen Cuvée Armand & Gaston Honing | BEL | 6.2% | (1.5L Magnum) | $185


Weihenstephan Hefe Weissbier | DEU | 5.3% | $9


Green’s Endeavour | ENG | 7.0% | $13
Green’s Quest | ENG | 8.5% | $13


Anxo District Dry | WA | 6.9% | $7
Anxo Rose' | WA | 6.9% | $10
Cascadia Ciderworks Dry | OR | 6.9% | $7
Graft Farm Flor | NY | 6.9% | $7
Shacksbury Rosé | VT | 5.5% | $7
Shacksbury Vermonter (16oz can) | VT | 6.0% |$8
Snowdrift Barrel-aged Cornice | WA | 6.9% |$8