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Fleeting Moment

Tito's. Domaine de Canton. Apricot, Rhubarb, & Tarragon Syrup. Lemon. Prosecco Finish.

Starting June 1st, Tito's will donate $1 for every Fleeting Moment sold to MSPCA-Angell. Protecting the health & welfare of animals since 1868.

Slow Burn

Libelula Tequila. Black & Green Peppercorn. Agave. Lemon. Cracked Pepper. 

Bright citrus and freshly cracked pepper fuse together to create a vibrantly balanced drink that finishes with lingering heat. 

French Cabaret 

Hendrick's Grand Cabaret. Lillet. Pomegranate. Rose. Lemon. Absinthe rinse. 

MPeer into Hendrick's cabinet of Curiosities and open your senses to French decadence with each lively sip. 

Guava Girl

Lawley's New England White Rum. Campari. Guava. Lime. Soda. 

Slip into your best vacation attire and unwind with this fruity collins.

Forager's Old Fashioned 

Slane Irish Whiskey. Red Clover & Black Tea Syrup. Bitters.

The sweet pea-like flavor of red clover gives this Old Fashioned a delicious depth and nuanced Spring infusion. 

Hibiscus Collins

Bergamot & Botanical Vodkas. Hibiscus. Green Tea. Grapefruit. Seltzer.

Sit back and relax with this easy sipper featuring two unique vodkas from Square One Organic Spirits.

Scout's Honor

St. George Botanivore Gin. Handshake Digestif Bitters. Lemongrass. Lemon. 

Embark on a journey of herbal and alpine flavor with this luscious cockatil featuring a new bitter crafted by our friends at Handshake in Portland, Maine.

Soul of the Tropics

Four Roses Bourbon. Mango & Passionfruit. Pineapple. Black Peppercorn. Lemon. Mint.

This tropical cocktail leaves you no choice but to daydream of your next island getaway.

Twin Flame

Peleton de la Muerte Mezcal. Orange Curacao. Coconut Liqueur. Pineappple. Lime. Angostura Bitters Float. 

Searching for your other half? Find an instant connection in this sweet & smoky cocktail. May this drink be the flame you were looking for.  


CSauvingon Blanc. Bergamont Vodka. Cognac Park VS Carte Blanche. Lemongrass. Chamomile. Orange. Pineapple. 

Wine and fruit are fine; but why be average? Our version of Sangria kicks it up a notch for Spring; it's a garden party in a glass!


Murphy Goode, Pinot Noir | 12/40

Sonoma County, CA | The perfect balance between vibrant dark fruit character and bright acidity.

Honoro Vera, Garnacha | 12/40

Calatayud, Spain  | Intense aromas of ripe red fruits, balsamic sensations and spicy notes lead to fruity, flavorful flavors. 


Salvalai, Pinot Grigio |  11/35

Veneto, Italy | Crisp, dry, savory & harmonic. Long lasting fruity hints. 

Bayten Sauvignon Blanc | 12/36

South Africa | Lively & bone-dry. Notes of gooseberry & lime. Mineral-rich finish.

St. Francis, Chardonney | 14/46

Sonoma County| Sustainably grown. Bright flavors of pear, lemon zest, and graham cracker with crisp finish. 


Pedroncelli Dry Creek Valley Rose| 15/48

Sonoma County, CA | Sustainably grown. Medium bodied with luscious red fruit flavor and refreshing acidity. 


Jean-Louis Brut Blanc de Blancs, Prosecco | 11/35

France| Extremely effervescent. Floral, citrus, crisp. Lively and balanced.

Gruet Brut | 48

New Mexico| Fine beads, silky texture, lemon tart with graham cracker crust. 


Mango Margarita | 0% abv | 12

Ritual Tequila. Seedlip Agave. Mango & Passionfruit. Lime.

Nature Boy | 0% abv | 11

Ghia Non-Alcoholic Aperitif. Orange. Pineapple. Tonic.

St. Agrestis Phony Negroni | 0% abv | 11

Clover Sweet Tea | 0% abv | 6

Iced Tea. Lemon. Clover tea Syrup. Add: Ritual NA Whiskey Alternative  / 0% abv / 11

Lemongrass Lemonade | 0% abv | 6

Lemon. Lemongrass. Sugar. Add: Ritual NA Gin Alterantive / 0% abv / 11

Hibiscus Sour | 2mg THC | 14

Nowadays THC Micro Dose Spirit. Hibiscus. Lemon. Agave.