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The Familiar

Tito’s Vodka. Yellow Chartreuse. Passionfruit. Lime. Demerara. Falernum Bitters. Chili-Lime Salt Rim.

Our beloved pets have us under their spell, siphoning our energy. This bright cocktail will help you keep up with their energetic zest for life. 

 *Tito’s will donate $1 to Worcester Animal Rescue League for each Familiar sold!


Libelula Tequila. Ginger. Beet. Habanero. Lime. Pineapple. Salt Rim.

Looking ahead to spring cleaning; this down-to-earth margarita provides extra motivation with its spicy kick.


Whistle Pig Piggyback Rye. Maple-Sherry Syrup. Rosemary. Lemon.

An outdoorsy sour, thriving in its element. Bold, confident & smooth.


Earl Grey & Lemon Milk Punch. Bully Boy Merchant’s Gin. Cardamom Extract Bitters.

This vibrant, crystal clear clarified milk punch is here to tell you the future looks bright.

Not Your Oma's Paloma

Libelula Tequila. Grapefruit. Vanilla. Lime. Soda Water.

This cocktail can't knit you a handmade sweater, but it will wrap you in its loving embrace and make you feel at home.

Resolution's Endv

Four Roses Bourbon. Fernet Branca. Ginger. Grenadine. Lemon.

Commitment is hard. This Abbey classic is here for you in the end. A staff favorite with a balanced presentation and big flavors.

Starry Night

Hendrick's Gin. Pomegranate. St. Elder. Lemon.

Conjures images of a dark winters night where the stars sparkle like diamonds in the sky. Unusually good. Refreshing. Sparkly.

Green Chile Gimlet

St. George Green Chile Vodka. Spicy Tincture. Sugar. Lime.

A classic cocktail with the addition of verdant green chile and a touch of heat to help warm you from the inside out.

Spiced Sangriav

Cabernet. American Brandy. Apple Cider. Pear. Cinnamon. Clove. Orange. Prosecco Finish.

The ideal combination of fruit, wine, spice, and everything nice!

Solo Vacation 

Silver rum. Coconut liqueur. Campari. Pineapple. Grapefruit. Angostura. 

Whoever said one is a lonely number never took a solo vacation! This tropical cocktail takes you to a sunny destination.


Tesselae Carignan | 12/42

Languedoc, France | A silky harmony of blackberry & cherry framed by a touch of oak.

Domaine Bergeyre Labadie, Merlot-Tannat | 12/40

Côtes de Gascogne, France | Floral nose. Red fruit flavors, roasted aroma, hints of vanilla.

Golden West, Pinot Noir | 13/46

Washington State | Raspberry, bright nose, light acid, velvet tannin.


Wente Riva Estate, Chardonnay |  14/46

Arroyo Secco, CA  Oak, peach, and lemon. Medium body, and complex finish.

Plaimont Saint Mont Blanc  | 12/40

Saint-Mont, France  | Nose of pears & honeysuckle. Bright citrus, pronounced minerality.

Archer Roose Sauvignon Blanc | 12

Casablanca Valley, Chile | Bright tropical fruit & citrus nose. Balanced minerality.


Jean-Louis Brut Blanc de Blancs, Prosecco | 35

France| Extremely effervescent. Floral, citrus, crisp. Lively and balanced.

Gruet Brut | 48

New Mexico| Fine beads, silky texture, lemon tart with graham cracker crust. 


Sweet Heat | 11

Seedlip Garden. Seedlip Grove. Beet. Habanero. Lime. Pineapple.

Don’t be fooled by the upfront sweetness of this perky beverage, the lingering heat stays with you!

Blood Orange Margarita | 11

Seedlip Grove Citrus. Spirit of Tequila. Blood Orange Agave. Lime. Black Volcano Salt Rim.

Sparkling, bright, and full of life.

Pineapple Fizz | 11

Seedlip Spiced. Spirit of Gin. Pineapple Sage Syrup. Lemon. Egg White. Soda Water.

Meringue-like softness. Sweet with subtle spice. Delightfully refreshing.

Nature Boy | 11

Ghia Non-Alcoholic Aperitif. Orange. Pineapple. Tonic.

A magical combination of herbs, botanicals, citrus & bubbles.