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Early Infatuation

Tito’s Vodka. Apple. Cinnamon. Orange. Vanilla. Lemon. Seltzer.
Unlike your first crush, this drink will love you back. Tall and refreshing, it puts a fun spin on classic winter flaors.

Smoke and Mirrors

Irish Whiskey. Lemon. Ginger. Honey. Bitters.
A hot toddy that will surely melt away your winter woes. A slight spice and honey will save your spirits.

Tatooine Dream

Silver Rum. Orange Liqueur. Blue Oat Milk.
A futuristic drink that uses ingredients from long long ago. As refreshing to drink as it is to look at.

El Máximo

Tequila. Grapefruit Cordial. Cardamom. Sage. Agave. Lime.
A winter citrus margarita, this is bright, tart, and dry. This one will improve your mood and invigorate your senses

In Dolor Veritas

Larceny Bourbon. Meletti Amaro. Orange Curacao. Chocolate Bitters.
An Old Fashioned with a chocolate orange vibe. It might sound crazy, but you'll have to trust us when we say it's delicious!

My Lady is the Sea

Pisco. Lemon. Pomegranate. Egg White. Black Salt.
Make time for Brandy while you can. Before you know it, you'll be pulled back to the sea of life and lose touch.

Resolution's End

Four Roses Bourbon. Fernet Branca. Ginger. Grenadine. Lemon. 
A balanced presentation of big flavors. Dry and tart with a
lasting bitter finish that keeps you coming back. A staff favorite.

Starry Night 

Hendrick’s Gin. Pomegranate. Dry Curacao. Lemon.  
Conjures images of a dark winters night where the stars sparkle like diamonds in the sky. Unusually good. Refreshing. Sparkly.

Plowman’s Punch

Jamaican Rum. Mulled Cider. Pineapple. Lime.

Don’t worry about a thing. The roads will be plowed once
again and this glass of good vibes will bring you patience.

Spiced Sangria

Brandy. Merlot. Apple Cider. Pear. Cinnamon. Clove. Orange. Prosecco Finish.

The ideal combination of wine, and spice!


Colin Barollet, Bourgogne Chardonnay 

Burgundy, France | Melon, white peach, full body, and acidic. Complex finish.

Pratsch, Grüner Veltliner

Weinviertel, Austria  | Fresh green and red apples. Light-bodied, summer sipper. Balanced.


Goldschmidt Fidelity, Merlot/Cabernet Blend

Alexander Valley, CA
Fruit driven, well-structured, touch of vanilla, supple finish.

Josephine Dubois, Grand Reserve Pinot Noir

Burgundy, France 
Bright, mild acid, raspberry, cranberry, and light spice. 


Sant Sadurni D’anoia, Cava Brut 

Catalonia, Spain | Extremely effervescent. Floral, citrus, crisp. Lively and balanced.

NV Roederer Estate Brut

Mendocino, California | Seamless and silky, complex, lemon and pear, toasty brioche.


Mulled Cider

Hot Cider. Cinnamon. Allspice. Clove.
Everything you want  from apple picking season in a mug!

Honey-Ginger Soda

Honey. Ginger. Grapefruit Cordial. Seltzer. 
Just as delicious and refreshing as you would expect.

Pomegranate Mule

Pomegranate. Lime. Ginger beer. Cherry.
It’ll make you run faster, jump higher, and live longer… Maybe. And it tastes pretty good!

Golden Milk

Turmeric. Maple. Chestnut. Iced Tea.
Just as delicious and refreshing as you would expect.

Blue Nectar

Blue Oat Lemonade. 
Looks like fun, tastes bright, and quenches thirst.