Book your Armsby Abbey reservation on Resy

Book your Armsby Abbey reservation on Resy
Book your Armsby Abbey reservation on Resy


Armsby Abbey hours of operation: Tuesday thru Thursday 11AM - 11PM | Friday 11AM - 12AM | Saturday 10AM - 12AM | Sunday 10AM - 11PM | Closed Mondays.

For takeaway orders from 11AM - 4PM, which is before our online store opens, kindly call 508-795-1012 to place your order over the phone | Therafter if you are interested in takeaway, your order must be placed through our online store as noted. Please note, not all items are available in our online store as they are reserved for in-person dining experiences only. | Place your takeaway orders here: online store | All takeaway payments are due via credit card in advance | No cash transactions are permitted at pick-up | Armsby Abbey's online store is open Tuesday thru Thursday 4PM - 8PM (pickup till 8:30PM), Friday 4PM - 9PM (pickup till 9:30PM), Saturday 4PM - 9PM (pickup till 9:30PM), Sunday 4PM - 8PM (pickup till 8:30PM)


Lei Away

Plantation Xamayca. Mango. Pineapple. Lime. 

Close your eyes, put your feet up, and imagine the waves crashing on white sandy Hawaiian beaches while the tropical breeze cools you. Ahhh. 

After the Rain

Tito's Vodka. Rose. Chamomile. Lime.

With every storm the sky eventually parts and the sun shines through in all her glory. After the Rain is our ode to Covid; life finds a way.

Campfire Old Fashioned

Monkey Shoulder Scotch. Chocolate bitters. Honey.

Tell a story you’re proud of to people who will be proud of you! Campfires inspire collaboration, communication & creativity. This smokey twist on a classic is sure to spark up conversation.

Chesterfield Abroad

Bimini Gin. Elderflower. Grapefruit. Rooibos Tea. Tonic.

The Gin & Tonic that studied abroad and won't shut up about it. It's herbaceous, a little bitter, and a little snooty.


Highclere Gin. Grapefruit liqueur. Violette. Lemon.

An impressive combination of floral and citrus to lift you up and help you glide through your day. This one is tart, dry & ready to fly!

Honey Darling

Four Roses Bourbon. Honey. Lemon. Ginger. Mint. Seltzer.

This Southern belle is here to remind us that Derby season is right around the corner. Put on your wide brimmed hat and raise a glass.

Sour Patch Gin

Ford’s Gin. Strawberry. Lemongrass. Lemon. 

This is a compact package of intense strawberry flavors coupled with a botanical gin that packs a tart punch.

Million Dollar Yachts

New England Rum. Rhum Agricole. Apricot. Lemon. Bitters.

Get your salmon colored shorts and sunglass straps ready, this one is taking you to the Virgin Islands in style.

White Sangria

Pinot Grigio. Citrus Vodka. Tropical Juices. Citrus.

Wine and fruit are fine, but why be average? Our version of Sangria kicks it up a notch for Spring with citrus infused vodka! 

Arena Caliente

Xicaru Mezcal. Yellow Chartreuse. Peychaud. Agave. Lime. Habanero Extracto.

A spicy margarita in expert mode. The heat and smoke come together with floral flavors to teach your tongue how to dance the salsa!


Novellum, Chardonnay | 10/30

Languedoc, France  | Melon, white peach, full body, and acidic. Complex finish.

Dry Creek Valley Sauvignon Blanc | 10

Healdsburg, CA  | Tropical fruit, touch of white pepper. Full-bodied. Long finish.


Balletto, Pinot Noir | 12/38

Russian River Valley, CA | Serious, mild acid, plum, cranberry, and light spice and tannin. 

Broadside, Cabernet Sauvignon | 10/30

Santa Rosa, CA | A silky harmony of blackberry & cherry framed by a touch of oak.


Acrobat Pinot Gris Rosé | 10

Western AVA's, OR | Bright flavors of fresh strawberries and juicy pears. Lively, clean acidity.


Stella, Prosecco | 9/30

Veneto, Italy| Extremely effervescent. Floral, citrus, crisp. Lively and balanced.

NV Roederer Estate Brut | 58

Mendocino, California  | Seamless and silky, complex, lemon and pear, toasty brioche.


Wahoo Sipper

Mango. Pineapple. Lime. 

A tropical delight meant to make you scream for joy!

Crickety Rickey

Strawberry lemongrass. Lime. seltzer.

A lively and rich embrace of lighthearted flavors. 

Royal Tonic

Rooibos tea. Tonic. Lime.

if you're sophisticated and thirsty then look no further; this is refined, herbal, bitter, and ready to hydrate.

Virgin Mojito

Lime. Agave. Mint. Seltzer.

There’s nothing more refreshing than a Mojito on a sunny day; this version comes with all the enjoyment but sans rum.

Spring Shower

Chamomile. Rose. lime. 

Refreshingly tart with a hint of Spring floral.