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Pistachio Mai Tai

Silver rum. Pistachio. Maraschino. Vanilla. Lime. Cinnamon.
A bright, unique take on a familiar classic. This one is ready to wick away the first drops of Spring flowers.

Spring Freshet

Bully Boy Estate Gin. Lemongrass. Ginger. Lime. 
With Winter's thaw on the horizon, this bright & zippy cocktail beckons an early Spring!

Vacay Verde

Bimini Gin. Cucumber. Thyme. Lemon.
A tall green dream to make you think warm weather thoughts. Bimini gin is bright and hoppy and fits perfectly with this herbal refresher.

Early Bloom

Tequila. Turmeric. Lemon. Orange.
A floral margarita to welcome the new season and first blossoms of the season. Sip this and think happy thoughts.

Bubbles for your Troubles

Hendrick’s Gin. Blackberry Shrub. Honey. Sparkling wine.
A tart and bright blackberry Bellini that will make this day sparkle! 

Jalisco Rain

Tequila. Coconut. Habanero. Pineapple. Spices. Seltzer.
A spicy tequila drink that is balanced with tropical flavors. This is a refreshing highball that will get you ready for summer weather!

Clockwork Orange

Bully Boy Vodka. Lillet. Rhubarb. Grapefruit.
As light and rejuvenating as a breeze coming through an open window after a day outdoors. 

Vendela Rose

Silver Rum. Appe Brandy. Rose petals. Lemon. Orange-Vanilla Bitters.
Something refreshing with a lingering finish.

A Fine Fix

Bourbon. Oloroso Sherry. Pineapple. Lemongrass. Prosecco finish.

An old fashioned for the bourbon aficionado. The gomme creates a unique, silky texture and the sherry accents with nutty and dry notes.

White Sangria

Brandy. Pinot Grigio. Apricot. Pineapple. Lemongrass. Prosecco finish.
The ideal combination of wine, juice, and bright flavors.


Alain Normand, Mâcon La Roche Vineuse, Chardonnay

Burgundy, France | Bright, young, pale yellow color. Intense, attractive and rich on the nose, with hints of very ripe white, yellow, and exotic fruit aromas. This is a fruity wine which is big, smooth and fresh on the palate.

Domaine de Pouy, Ugni Blanc/Collombard

Bas-Armagnac, France | Bright. Green strawberries, white flowers, and minerality. Balanced.


Higher Ground Pinot Noir

Monterey, California | Dark red berry fruit, juicy plum and cranberry flavors are accented with spice notes and a touch of tobacco.  This is an elegant, velvety textured Pinot, bright, balanced, and altogether delicious…

Los Vascos Cabernet Sauvignon

Colchagua, Chile | A silky harmony of black cherry, raspberry, and strawberry notes.

2012 Barolo Coste di Monforte

Piedmont, Italy | Ripe fruit, raspberries with hints of violet. Soft tannins, long finish.


Mas Fi Brut Cava

Penedès, Spain | Extremely effervescent. Floral, ripe fruit aromas. Elegant. Balanced.

NV Roederer Estate Brut

Mendocino, California | Seamless and silky, complex, lemon and pear, toasty brioche.


Ugly Mule

Ginger beer. Lime. Agave.
Bright and refreshing, this is a non-alcoholic Moscow mule for the teetotalers who still want something more than water.

Cucumber Fresca

Cucumber. Lime. Green Peppercorn
Something tall and thirst quenching with vegetal spice and a splash of citrus.

Lemongrass Seltzer

Ginger. Lemongrass. Lemon.
A tart and bright soft drink to put you in a warm state of mind.

Rhubarb Lemonade

Rhubarb. Salt. Sugar. Lemon.
This is the ideal warm day refreshment. Savory, bright, and perfect.

Rose Spritz

Grapefruit. Rose. Soda water.
A big goblet of delicious flavor to welcome warm weather.