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Escape Artist

Xicaru Mezcal. Chamomile. Agave. Carraway. Lime.

Don't be confined to the typical tequila drinks! Break out into something beyond expectation; this one is dry, lean, herbal, and very refreshing.

Silk Cowboy

Copper & Kings Tennessee Brandy. Armeno Cold Brew Coffee. Demerara Sugar. Chai. Milk. 

A strong drink with a soft edge. Rich spices and cream create full flavor. Tennessee brandy creates good spirits.

Barefoot n' Harmony.v

Rhodium Gin. Lillet. Aperol. Bully Boy Amaro.

A dry martini for whimsical summer sipping. Floral, herbal and complex;  A medley of floral flavors to lift your spirits.

Pearadigm Shift

Square One Citrus Vodka. Spiced Pear. Grapefruit. Sparkling Wine.

As Summer makes a dramatic shift into Fall, this spritzy spiced pear cocktail reminds us to always look on the brighter side!

Life is Peachyv

Tequila. Bully Boy Amaro. Peach Shrub.

Peaches made more appealing through the power of tequila. This is a tall glass of bright late summer perfection.

Ume Thurman

Suntory Toki Japanese Whisky. Plum Wine. Plum & Sesame Cordial.

A unique and delicious cocktail that combines savory, and fruity to make a complex and impressive drink.

Fleece Liningv

Gin Lane Royal Strength. Allspice. Mulled Cider. Lime. Ginger Beer. 

Every season has it’s good and bad parts, but you can raise this glass to the fleece lining around the incoming cold and nor’easters.

Pomme Zombie

Mad River Rum 44. Rhum Agricole. Sweet Potato Cordial. Coriander. Thyme. Red Wine Float. 

Do you feel like you’re dying for a vacation? This drink was pulled from the earth and has a brilliant disposition to share with you, kick back and enjoy!

Spiced Sangriav

Cabernet. American Brandy. Apple Cider. Pear. Cinnamon. Clove. Orange. Prosecco Finish.

The ideal combination of fruit, wine, spice, and everything nice!

Vermont Old Fashioned

Whistle Pig, 6 Year Rye. Maple. Bitters.

Served on the rocks. An old fahioned with so much Vermont spirit that you will feel the cool mountain air off the green hills up north.

vSpiced Sangria, Fleece Lining, Life is Peachy, and Barefoot n' Harmony are available to take home and enjoy as an 8oz or 16oz cocktail or as a convenient 4-pack!


Tesselae Carignan | 12/42

Languedoc, France | A silky harmony of blackberry & cherry framed by a touch of oak.

Chateau Caillau, Malbec | 12/40

Cahors, France | Ruby color. Ripe fruit, round and mellow texture. 

Golden West, Pinot Noir | 13/46

Washington State | Raspberry, bright nose, light acid, velvet tannin.


Wente Riva Estate Chardonnay | 12

Arroyo Secco, CA Oak, peach, and lemon. Medium body, and complex finish.

Alois Lageder, Pinot Grigio | 12/36

Alto Adige, Italy | Ripe apple, flowery aromas, rich finesse, mineral tones.

Foral, Alvarinho | 11/34

Vinho Verde, Portugal | Melon, white peach, full body, and acidic. Complex finish.

Gotham Project, Grüner Veltliner | 12

Austria | Notes of citrus & white pepper. Soft, fragrant honey finish.


Jean-Louis Brut Blanc de Blancs, Prosecco | 11/35

France| Extremely effervescent. Floral, citrus, crisp. Lively and balanced.

Gruet Brut | 48

New Mexico| Fine beads, silky texture, lemon tart with graham cracker crust. 


Mulled Cider

Hot Apple Cider. Spices. 

Here’s a warm drink to warm you to the core.


Chamomile. Agave. Lime. Mint. Seltzer.

Exactly as refreshing as it sounds.

Full Sun

Rooibos Tea. Lemon. Sugar.

Something to pair with all the sunny memories made this Summer.

Late Summer Dazzler

Peach Shrub. Soda Water.

Sparkling, bright and full of life, something light for summer hydration.

NA Iced Chai

Black tea. Spices. Milk. Demerara Sugar.

Sweet and rich spices make for some ideal fall sipping.