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Available Daily | Sunday thru Thursday 4pm - 9pm | Friday & Saturday 4pm - 11pm | For takeaway orders please call 508-795-1012


Mediterranean Slate *25

marinated olives, prosciutto, whipped feta, hummus, pickles, fresh baked breads

Northeast Cheese Trio *25

Cato Corner Aged Bloomsday, Blue Ledge Lake's Edge, & Old Chatham Camembert, served with seasonal preserves, maple candied almonds, honey, apple, fruit-nut bread, and baguette |add: Prosciutto +$4 | Paté Campagne +$6

Charcuterie Combo *30

a savory combination of cheese & meat; Von Trapp Oma, Jasper Hill Vault No. 5 Cheddar, Prosciutto, & Rillette de Cochon, served with house pickles, whole grain mustard, crostini, baguette

Tinned Fish *$as noted

served with pickled pirparras, roasted piquillo pepper jam, butter, fleur de sel, lemon, grilled bread | Matiz Spanish sardines packed in olive oil $18 | Matiz Spanish cockles in brine $25 | Both $40


Your choice of 1, 2 or 3 Farmstead Cheeses | $11 – $18 – $25 | served with seasonal preserves, honey, maple candied almonds, fruit, fresh breads

Von Trapp Oma "Grandma"

Waitsfield, VT | Cow. Organic. Washed Rind. Sweet Cream. Nutty.

Cato Corner Aged Bloomsday

Colchester, CT | Cow. Aged 11mos. Crystalline. Sharp. Sweet. Delicious.

Rogue Smokey Echo Blue«

Central Point, OR | Cow. Fudgy. Dense. Bacony. Smoked over hazelnut shells©. Pasteurized.

Jasper Hill Vault No. 5

Greensboro, VT | Cow. Meaty. Salty-sweet. Crystalline. Intense.

Old Chatham Camembert

Groton, NY | Cow. Brie-style. Bloomy rind. Ripe. Buttery. Acidic.

Barn First Creamery Cowles«

Westfield, VT | Goat. Bloomy, ashed center. Gooey. Tangy. Hint of funk. 


Your choice of 1, 2 or 3 charcuterie items | $11 – $18 – $25 | served with pickles, whole grain mustard, and crostini

Spanish Chorizo

dry-cured, Spanish Sausage with pimenton


dry-cured fennel salumi


dry-cured Italian ham

Pate Campagne

bacon-wrapped, pork & pistachio country pate

Rillette de Cochon

confit pork, whole grain mustard, Lebanese hyssop, bacon fat


Crusty Bread8

fresh baked naturally leavened bread, cultured butter, fleur de sel

Olives *8

savory mix of marinated Mediterranean olives

Hummus *13

chickpea hummus, paprika, lemon, EVOO, grilled pita 

Whipped Feta *15

parsley & mint gremolata, EVOO, honey, sunflower seed za'atar, served with griled pita


Soup du Jour8/13

served with a side of grilled bread

Spring Pea & Mint Fritters12

made with Spring pea & mint and served with a whipped feta dipping sauce

Grilled Asparagus *14

garlic tahini sauce, mint gremolata, lemon zest, grated grana padano

Mac n’ Cheese 15

assorted Farmstead cheeses, IPA, rustic breadcrumbs

MIX-IN: caramelized onions +$2.5 | roasted jalapenos +$2.5 | roasted mushrooms +$2.5 | blue cheese +$3 / bacon +$3.5 

FAMILY STYLE MAC & CHEESE AVAILABLE! Serves 4-6pp $60 | Serves 6-12pp $110 | Available cold to bake at home or hot ready to eat!

Wings 18

whole chicken wings grilled with your choice of sweet & spicy apricot-habanero sauce OR Spring garlic & parmesan; both finished with chives


hand-cut fries, caramelized onion & bacon gravy, cheddar curds, fresh herbs

ADD: a fried egg +$2.5 | caramelized onions +$2.5 | roasted jalapenos +$2.5 | roasted mushrooms +$2.5 | bacon +$3.5 


Salad Additions: smokey blue cheese +$3 / bacon +$3.5 | prosciutto +$4 | grilled chicken +$10 

Springtime Fattoush *16

mixed greens, pickled red onion, cucumber, mint, pea shoots, za’atar pita chips, crumbled feta, spring onion & garlic lemon-tahini dressing

Asparagus Salad *16

seasoned lemon chevre, mixed greens, spinach, shaved asparagus & Spring radish, slivered almonds, ginger-scallion dressing, lemon zest


All sandwiches are served on butter-toasted brioche, with your choice of hand-cut fries or dressed greens.


crispy chicken thigh OR fried cauliflower, sweet & spicy gochujang BBQ, sesame daikon slaw, banchan pickles, kimchi aioli, butter-toasted brioche roll

Double Smash Burger18

two seared, beef patties, Vermont cheddar, sliced onion, house pickles, dijon aioli, butter toasted brioche roll

Burger Toppings: roasted jalapeños +$2.5 | fried egg +$2.5 | caramelized onions +$2.5 | smoky blue cheese +$3 / bacon +$3.5

Banh Mi19

made with crispy pork belly OR roasted cauliflower, maple Thai chili glaze, pickled daikon radish & carrot, cucumber, jalapeño, cilantro, coriander mayo, French roll


Handmade Pasta24

pan-fried house made ricotta gnocchi tossed in a spring onion & garlic pesto atop a verdant spinach purée and finished with Spring peas, crispy prosciutto, & garlic breadcrumb

Carbonara Flatbread22

spring onion & garlic cream sauce, mozzarella, cheddar, pickled red onion, shaved asparagus, cracked black pepper, lemon zest | add: caramelized onions +$2.5 | bacon +$3.5 | prosciutto +$4

P.E.I Mussels *22

steamed in a tangy cream sauce with Spring garlic, leeks, thyme, & parsley served with a side of grilled bread

 * Items are/ can be made Gluten-free.