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Armsby Abbey hours of operation: Wednesday thru Thursday 11AM - 11PM | Friday 11AM - 12AM | Saturday 10AM - 12AM | Sunday 10AM - 11PM | Closed Mondays & Tuesdays.

If you are interested in takeaway, your order should be placed through our online store as noted. | Place your takeaway orders here: online store | All takeaway payments are due via credit card in advance | Armsby Abbey's online store is open Wednesday & Thursday 4PM - 8PM (pickup till 8:30PM), Friday 4PM - 9PM (pickup till 9:30PM), Saturday 4PM - 9PM (pickup till 9:30PM), Sunday 4PM - 8PM (pickup till 8:30PM)

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Your choice of 1, 2 or 3 Farmstead Cheeses | $11 – $18 – $25 | served with seasonal preserves, honey, maple candied nuts, fresh breads

Westfield Capri

Hubbardson, MA | Goat | Classic Chevre. Vibrant. Lemony. Luscious. Pasteurized

Blue Ledge Camembrie

Salisbury, VT | Cow. Brie/Camembert blend. Heavenly. Sweet.

Four Fat Fowl St. Stephen

Stephentown, NY | Cow | Triple Cream. Rich. Buttery. Simply divine.

Plymouth Ballyhoo Brie

Plymouth Notch, VT | Cow | Bloomy rind. Creamy. Mild. Pasteurized.

Big Picture Farm Haiku

Townshend, VT | Goat | Natural rind. Supple. Velvety. Subtle minerality. Grassy.

High Lawn Crema Alpina

Lee, MA | Cow | Cider washed. Supple. Teasty. Fruity with a lot of funk.

Arethusa Blue

Litchfield, CT | Cow | Chocolaty. Toasty. Multidimensional. Salty. Bold.

Cato Corner Farm Aged Bloomsday

Colchester, CT | Cow | Aged 11mos. Mottled. Sharp. Delicious.

Rogue Smokey Blue

Central Point, OR | Cow | Fudgy. Dense. Smoked over hazelnuts. Pasteurized.

Sweet Rowan Mountain Ash

West Glover, VT | Cow | Ashed, bloomy rind. Dense. Creamy. Tangy.

Cellars at Jasper Hill Whitney 

Greensboro, VT | Cow | Wine washed. Supple. Fruity with a hint of funk. 

Grafton Village Shepsog

Brattleboro, VT | Cow/Sheep | Cave-aged. Floral. Earthy. Full-bodied. Complex.


Your choice of 1, 2 or 3 charcuterie items | $11 – $18 – $25 | served with pickles, whole grain mustard, and crostini


dry-cured fennel salumi


duck, pork, pancetta, fig, and pistachio terrine wrapped in bacon

Jamón Serrano

dry-cured Spanish ham


rustic pork spread


Crusty Bread6

fresh baked naturally leavened bread, cultured butter, fleur de sel

Mixed Nuts6

maple candied, finished with fleur de sel


savory mix of marinated Mediterranean olives


homemade, parsley, paprika, lemon, EVOO, crispy chickpeas, grilled pita

Whipped Feta12

blistered tomato, roasted garlic, Castelvetrano olives, za’atar, herb oil, grilled bread

Mediterranean Slate25

whipped feta, hummus, olives, serrano ham, giardiniera, fresh baked breads


Soup du Jour8/13

served with a side of grilled bread

Bone Marrow8/15/20

choice of one, two, or three smoked beef bones, salsa verde, fleur de sel, toast points

Mac n’ Cheese 14

assorted Farmstead cheeses, IPA, rustic breadcrumbs

MIX-IN: carmelized onions +$2 | roasted jalapenos +$2 | roasted mushrooms +$2 | smokey blue cheese +$2 / bacon +$3 

Wings 15

grilled chicken wings with your choice of spicy plum BBQ with Aleppo chili brown sugar OR a tangy jalapeno hot sauce with sliced jalapenos, cilantro, and lime


hand-cut fries, maple-bacon gravy, cheddar curds, chives

ADD: a fried egg +$2 | carmelized onions +$2 | roasted jalapenos +$2 | bacon +$3 

Handmade Pasta18

porcini pappardelle, brown butter, sage, roasted mushrooms, garlic, black pepper, pecorino


Salad Additions: chevre +$3 | bacon +$3 | serrano ham +$4 | grilled chicken +$8 / sweet potato quinoa falafel +$8 / grilled shrimp +$8


mixed greens, carrot, parsnip, radish, fresh herbs, house vinaigrette


chicory, baby kale, red onion, sliced apple & pear, beets, herb roasted delicata squash, spiced pepitas, Manchego, cider dijon vinaigrette

Fall Fattoush14

shaved red cabbage, radicchio, mixed greens, onion, cucumber, carrot, parsnip, mint & oregano, za'atar pita chips, crumbled feta, creamy apricot tahini dressing


All sandwiches are served on fresh baked breads from Iggy’s Breads in Cambridge with your choice of hand-cut fries or dressed greens.


sweet potato quinoa falafel burger, Aleppo chili & mint labneh, pickled red onion, cucumber, mesclun, cilantro, butter-toasted brioche roll


slow-roasted mojo verde pork, ham, Swiss, Cuban mustard, house pickles, butter-toasted pressed brioche roll

Flank Steak18

shaved, marinated and grilled flank steak, brie, brandied peppercorn cream, arugula, red wine onion marmalade, French roll

Double Smash Burger18

two seared, grass-fed beef patties, Vermont cheddar, house pickles, marrow caramelized onions, dijon aioli, butter-toasted sesame brioche roll

Sandwich Toppings: roasted jalapeños +$2 | cave-aged cheddar +$2 | fried egg +$2 | caramelized onions +$2 | bacon +$3


All flatbreads are 12” and made for sharing!

Tomato & Mozzarella 18

house crushed tomatoes, mozzarella, fresh basil, drizzle of EVOO

Spiced Squash 20

pumpkin muhammara, walnuts, sage, burrata, pickled onion, delicata squash, spiced pepitas


dry-cured pork sausage, rosemary & kale pesto, EVOO confit potato, Manchego

Flatbread Toppings: roasted jalapenos +$2 | roasted mushrooms +$2 | fried egg +$2 | bacon +$3 | serrano ham +$4 


Stay tuned; returning soon!