Book your Armsby Abbey reservation on Resy
Book your Armsby Abbey reservation on Resy

Book your Armsby Abbey reservation on Resy

Book your Armsby Abbey reservation on Resy
Book your Armsby Abbey reservation on Resy




Effective February 18, 2022, the City of Worcester has rescinded its mask mandate. Moving forward, masks will now be optional.


Vaccinations & Masks:

- Masks are optional for all guests.

- While we respect your decision on vaccination, and will not require or pursue any form of validation of vaccination status at this time, we expect all customers at Armsby Abbey to do the right thing. Be honorable. Act responsibly in choosing whether or not to wear a mask. Don’t be judgmental. Above all else, be kind. Please remember, you don’t know anyone else’s story; Covid-19 has taken so much, from so many.

- The Armsby Abbey team is fully vaccinated; masks are now optional for all employees.


Reservation Guidelines Upon Booking:

- Regardless of vaccination status, please stay home if you are sick, experiencing any Covid-19 like symptoms, or have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for Covid-19 in the last 10 days. 

- Let us know 48 hours prior to your reservation if you need to modify or cancel. 

- We will not hold your table for more than 15 minutes past your reservation time.

- Reservations of all sizes, including private parties, are once again permitted

- Reservations are no longer limited to a strict 90 minutes; however, please be mindful of incoming reservations after you.


Reservation Guidelines Upon Arrival:

- All patrons should only enter Armsby Abbey through the 144 Main Street entrance; do not enter through the lobby of the building.

- Reservations will only be seated when all guests in the party have arrived.

- If there is a wait for your table, you may now wait in the bar area or at the bar rail. If you are not comfortable with this, you may also opt to wait outside (away from the entrance) or in your vehicle(s). 


Reservation Guidelines While Dining:

- Tables should place their orders at the same time.

- If you have small children at your table, please maintain control; no running around.

- Please be mindful of those around you; fellow customers & our staff. 

- Any customer disrespecting one another or our staff for any reason, will promptly be removed from the premises.


Internal Covid-19 modifications and precautions Armsby Abbey has implemented to help keep you, our customers, safe.


Internal Safety Protocols & Adjustments:

- Our entire team is fully vaccinated for Covid-19.

- Table reservations are encouraged, but not required.

- Communal seating will not be utilized until we feel as a community, we are ready.

- Handwashing instructions will remain posted within restrooms and at each employee hand sink.


Dining Room Modifications:

- Installed two air purifiers which cycle clean air through the front & back dining room every 30 minutes.

- Mounted hands-free sanitizing stations throughout the dining room, points of entry, & restrooms.

- Lots of plants were added to help naturally purify the air throughout the dining room.

- All wall-mounted dining room tables are now free standing.

- Our host station has been modified to accommodate customer Covid-19 precautionary measures & takeaway orders.

- Outdoor sidewalk seating will be encouraged on fair weather days April thru November.

 NOTE: Outdoor dining reservations can be called in 12-48 hours in advance only; they will not be offered online in advance.