July 1, 2021 all-day
Armsby Abbey
144 Main Street

Long before Governor Baker decided to roll back Covid restrictions on May 29th, we prepared Armsby Abbey for a July vacation to stave off the doldrums of Summer in Worcester. While rollbacks happened unexpectedly on Memorial Day Weekend, versus August as initially planned, the ball had been set in motion.

Armsby Abbey will be closed July 1st – 19th. The first 3 weeks of July are some of the quietest weeks of the year here; we simply can’t compete with the ocean or mountains. All staff will receive their average weekly wages throughout our closure so they too can decompress without financial worries and return refreshed. We will re-open Armsby Abbey on Tuesday, July 20th, at 11am with relaxed Covid protocols, additional seating, & extended hours of operation!

Thank you for your understanding in advance. We are so grateful for all your patience, support, & patronage! We hope you too enjoy your July vacations!