Friendsgiving Brunch 11/23-11/24


November 23, 2019 @ 10:00 am – 3:00 pm
Armsby Abbey
144 Main Street

Our schedules are filled with work, meetings, school, obligations, kid’s activity after kid’s activity… after kid’s activity; it is time to pencil in some me time. Thanksgiving brunch arrives early this year for us all to pause and reflect on those we are so grateful for; our sanity saving, ride-or-die, partners in crime, BFF’s till the end.

Table reservations begin at 10AM each day via RESY.

Country Toast | fresh baked bread, persimmon preserves, cultured butter

Bacon | three thick slices of house cured and smoked pork belly

Soup du Jour | served with a side of grilled bread

Pumpkin Pie Tartlet | maple-walnut topping, eggnog whipped cream, nutmeg

Brunch Cheese Slate | duo of seasonal Farmstead cheeses, Woodcock Farm Jersey Girl & Lazy Lady Autumn Hue, served with bamboo honey, cultured butter, persimmon preserves, peanut butter, sliced apple, fresh baked breads

Stuffing Waffle | rosemary-cranberry gastrique, citrus mascarpone

Bourbon Caramel Pancakes | trio of fluffy buttermilk pancakes, toasted pecans, bourbon caramel

Beet Salad | arugula, chicories, grilled beets, crushed pistachios, shaved goat cheese, honey-poppyseed vinaigrette

Quiche | green beans, mushroom, gruyere, French fried onions, cheddar, heavy cream, and eggs set in a flaky crust served with a side of greens dressed in a honey-cider vinaigrette

Mac & Cheese | assorted Farmstead cheeses, IPA, rustic breadcrumbs
MIX-IN: Caramelized Onions | Roasted Jalapeños | Roasted Mushrooms | Smokey Blue | Bacon

Turkey Sandwich | pulled turkey leg, pickled cranberry relish, mashed potato spread, gravy, aged cheddar, and a fried egg on a buttered roll with a side of greens dressed in a honey-cider vinaigrette

Hash | maple cured ham, sweet potato, brussels sprouts, apple, and pearl onions, and a soft egg

Turkey Roulade | chestnut & cranberry stuffing, herbed whipped potato, brown butter brussels sprouts, beer gravy, and a soft egg

* Please note our menu is subject to change