FATHER’s DAY BOURBON BRUNCH | June 17th & 18th | 10AM-3PM


Toast | 4 | fresh baked breads, seasonal preserves, cultured butter  

Bacon | 5 | three thick slices of house cured and smoked pork belly  

Granola & Yogurt | 7 | homemade granola, tangy yogurt, bamboo honey, fresh strawberries

Soup du Jour | 7 | soup du jour served with a side of fresh baked bread
Note: Please ask your server for today’s selection

Grilled Toast |8 | grilled naturally leavened bread, strawberry rhubarb bourbon jam, housemade mangalista lardo, fresh mint & pea greens

 Fritters | 7 | sweet potato-corn fritters, bourbon-vanilla molasses, powdered sugar


Breakfast Slate | 17 | Chef’s choice of two Farmstead cheeses served with bamboo honey, cultured butter, seasonal preserves, peanut butter, fresh baked breads

Strawberry Fields | 12 | baby greens, fresh picked strawberries, grilled red onions, toasted almonds, aged goat cheese, green garlic & rhubarb vinaigrette

Mac & Cheese | 12 | assorted Farmstead cheeses, IPA, rustic breadcrumbs
MIX-IN: Roasted Jalapeños +$1 | Caramelized Onions +$1 | Roasted Mushrooms +$1 | House cured Bacon +$2|Rogue Smokey Blue +$2

Pancakes | 12 | trio of fluffy buttermilk pancakes, strawberry smoked rhubarb syrup, bourbon-smoked rhubarb butter

Waffle | 13 | made with stout, topped with bourbon-mint strawberries and bourbon-vanilla whipped cream

Tortilla | 12 | eggs, gold & sweet potatoes, bourbon caramelized onions, and Rogue Smokey Blue cheese served with smoked paprika aioli, a side of fresh baked bread, and dressed farm greens

Breakfast Sandwich | 15 | smoked brisket, Vermont cheddar, bourbon-coffee mayo, bread & butter pickles, and a fried egg served on a sesame ale roll with a side of dressed farm greens

Hash | 17 | bourbon brined ham, crushed potatoes, caramelized onions, smoked sweet potato puree,  soft-cooked local egg, bourbon-orange-honey glaze

Smoked Chicken | 17 | smoked Misty Knoll chicken, braised greens, cheddar grits, bourbon-molasses glaze, soft-cooked local egg


Crust Bakeshop | Worcester, MA | Gibson’s Dairy | Worcester, MA
Berberian’s Farm | Northboro, MA | Tougas Farm | Northboro, MA
Chimney Hill Farm | Petersham, MA | Armeno Coffee | Northboro, MA
South Face Farm | Ashfield, MA | Lettuce Be Local | Sterling, MA
Kitchen Garden | Sunderland, MA | Queen’s Greens | Amherst, MA
Cricket Creek Farm | Williamstown, MA | Red Fire Farm | Granby, MA
Carlson Orchards | Harvard, MA | Side Hill Creamery | Hawley, MA
Overlook Farm | Brookfield, MA | Merrimack Valley Apiaries | Billerica, MA
Shire Beef | Petersham, VT | Misty Knoll Farm | New Haven, VT
Brookford Farm | Canterbury, NH | Vermont Creamery | Websterville, VT 

Featuring our house made Bloody Mary mix

Mild, spicy, or extra spicy

Four Roses Bourbon
Tito’s Vodka
Garlic-Infused Vodka
Chipotle-Infused Vodka
Square One Organic Cucumber Vodka
Square One Organic Basil Vodka
St. George Green Chile Vodka
Jalapeño Infused Plata Tequila
Olmeca Altos Plata Tequila
Del Maguey Vida Mezcal

Spanish olives | cocktail onions | housemade bacon ($1.50) | lime | pickled cucumber | carrot | jalapeno
NOTE: Maximum of (3) garnishes per Bloody Mary

Sea salt, smoked salt, or cracked pepper



Mimosa | 9
Fresh squeezed orange juice, prosecco
NOTE: over ice in a pint for $1 more

Founders Breakfast | 10
Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon, homemade vanilla bean syrup, fresh pressed orange juice on the rocks

Irish Coffee | 10
Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey, brown sugar, and hot Armeno coffee with a float of local cream
NOTE: also available shaken with cream over ice

Triple Crown | 10
Four Roses Bourbon, Old Ipswich Tavern Rum, Ferrand Orange Curacao, sweetened condensed milk, and chilled Armeno coffee shaken and served on the rocks

Disco Juice | 10
Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon, apricot liqueur, lemon, and orange-vanilla bitters topped with prosecco

Cold Brew Julep | 10
Four Roses Bourbon, Gran Classico, St. George Nola Coffee Liqueur, and cold brewed Armeno double bourbon coffee stirred over crushed ice with an orange twist

Strawberry Smash | 10
Redemption Bourbon, Amaro Silano, strawberry, lemon, and Clement canne sirop on the rocks

Bee Hive | 10
Evan Williams Single Barrel Bourbon & honey liqueur, iced tea, lemon, and vanilla bean syrup shaken and served tall


The perfect addition to your cup of coffee

O’Mara’s Irish Cream | Housemade Four Roses Bourbon Cream liqueur | Luxardo Amaretto
Trader Vic’s Macadamia Nut Liqueur |  Sapling Maple Liqueur | Rhum Clement Coconut Liqueur
Tempus Fugit Mint Liqueur | Perc Coffee Liqueur | Rumchata Cinnamon Cream Liqueur

Sumatra Mandheling Coffee from Armeno Coffee Roasters

Mighty Leaf Tea in Earl Grey, Green, African Nectar,
Orange Dulce, Chamomile Citrus or Breakfast

Whole Milk or Chocolate Milk from Gibson’s Dairy Farm
Fresh pressed Orange Juice or Lemonade
Mighty Leaf Black Iced Tea

Maine Root Ginger Beer, Root Beer, Mexicane Cola
Spindrift Cucumber, Grapefruit or Blackberry Seltzer