Offered weekdays 3 – 4  / weekends 3:30-4


 Your Choice of 1, 2 or 3 Farmstead Cheeses! 10 – 17 – 23
Served with our Chef’s choice of seasonal accoutrements including nuts & fresh baked breads from our bakery next door – Crust Bakeshop!

Cricket Creek Berkshire Bloom Williamstown, MA
Cow. Semi-Soft. Bloomy rind. Earthy.

Grey Barn Eidolon | Martha’s Vineyard, MA 
Cow. Organic. Bloomy rind. Tangy. Bright. Silky.

Cato Corner Farm Aged Bloomsday Colchester, CT 
Cow. Aged 11 months. Mottled. Sharp. Sweet. Delightful.

Arethusa Blue | Litchfield, CT
Cow. Chocolaty. Toasty. Multidimensional. Salty.

Consider Bardwell Experience | Pawlet, VT
Cow. Stout washed rind. Funky. Fragrant.

Cellars at Jasper Hill Vault No. 5 | Greensboro, VT
Cow. Meaty. Salty-sweet. Crystalline. Intense.

Vulto Creamery Andes | Walton, NY
Cow. Natural rind. Creamy. Fruity. Grassy.

Rogue Smokey Echo Blue | Central Point, OR
Cow. Fudgy. Smoked over hazelnut shells.

Willow Hill Aged Butternut Milton, VT 
Cow. Aged Alpine. Complex. Nutty. Sharp.

Von Trapp Mad River Blue Waitsfield, VT 
Cow. Creamy. Mellow. Gorgeous veining. 

Vermont Shepard Invierno Putney, VT 
Cow/Sheep. Aged two years. Balanced. Vegetal.

Bonnieview Coomersdale | Craftsbury, VT 
Sheep. Semi-firm. Earthy. Grassy. Nutty.

Lazy Lady Trillium | Westfield, VT
Cow/Goat. Vegetable ash layers. Bloomy rind. Dense.

Sage Farm Goat Dairy Worcester Tomme | Stowe, VT
Goat. Rustic. Mild. Nutty. Earthy.



Crusty Bread | 4 | fresh baked naturally leavened bread, cultured butter, fleur de sel

Mixed Nuts | 5 | maple candied, finished with fleur de sel

Pickles | 6 | a bowl of seasonal pickled vegetables, sliced baguette

Bagel Chips | 6 | whipped cream cheese, fiery jalapeño jelly

Soup du Jour | 7 | served with a side of fresh baked bread
Note: Please ask your server for today’s selection

Mixed Olives | 8 | house marinated mixture of our chef’s favorites

Mushrooms en Escabeche | 8 | sherry vinegar, olive oil & herbs, grilled bread

Hummus | 9 | homemade, served with grilled pita bread

Mac n’ Cheese | 12 | assorted Farmstead cheeses, IPA, rustic breadcrumbs



Mediterranean |20
Marinated feta, hummus, olives, serrano ham, almonds,  fresh baked bread

Charcuterie | 20
Rotating selection of housemade charcuterie, whole grain mustard, pickles, crostini