DINNER | Sunday-Thursday 4-10 | Friday-Saturday 4-11

Your Choice of 1, 2 or 3 Farmstead Cheeses! 10 – 17 – 23
Served with our Chef’s choice of seasonal accoutrements including nuts & fresh baked breads from our neighbor, Crust Bakeshop!

Arethusa Blue | Litchfield, CT
Cow. Chocolaty. Toasty. Multidimensional. Salty.

Grey Barn Eidolon | Martha’s Vineyard, MA
Cow. Organic. Bloomy rind. Tangy. Bright. Silky.

Cato Corner Farm Aged Bloomsday | Colchester, CT
Cow. Aged 11 months. Mottled. Sharp. Sweet. Delightful.

Consider Bardwell Dorset | West Pawlet, VT
Cow. Washed rind. Creamy. Buttery. Savory.

Sweet Rowan Mountain Ash | West Glover, VT
Cow. Vegetable ash. Bloomy rind. Dense. Tangy.

Cellars At Jasper Hill Deciduous Flash Willoughby | Greensboro, VT
Cow. Berliner-Weiss washed rind. Supple. Flavorful.

Four Fat Fowl St. Stephen | Stephentown, NY
Cow. Triple cream. Rich. Buttery. Decadent.

Rogue Smokey Echo Blue | Central Point, OR
Cow. Fudgy. Dense. Smoked over hazelnut shells.

Boston Post Road Dairy Gisele | Enosburg Falls, VT
Cow/Goat. Alpine. Cider washed. Fruity.

Big Picture Sonnet | Townshend, VT
Goat. Cave-aged 4mos. Tomme. Green. Smooth. Tangy.

Cypress Grove Bermuda Triangle | Arcata, CA
Goat. Bloomy, ashed rind. Tangy. Pleasant bite.

Grafton Village Shepsog | Brattleboro, VT
Cow/Sheep. Cave Aged. Floral. Earthy. Complex.

Vermont Shepard Invierno | Putney, VT 
Cow/Sheep. Aged 5-9mos. Multifaceted. Bold. Crystalline. Tangy.

Bonnieview Mossend Blue | Albany, VT
Sheep. Delicate. Tangy. Flinty. Salty.


Crusty Bread | 4 | fresh baked naturally leavened bread, cultured butter, fleur de sel

Mixed Nuts | 6 | maple candied, finished with fleur de sel

Pickles | 7 | bowl of seasonal pickled vegetables, sliced baguette

Mushrooms en Escabeche | 8 | sherry vinegar, olive oil & herbs, grilled bread

Pounded Cheese | 8 | buttery Vermont cheddar spread with garlic, beer, curry, crushed walnuts, and pickled onions served with sliced baguette

Olives | 8 | house marinated mixture of our chef’s favorite olives

Hummus | 10 | homemade, served with EVOO and grilled pita bread

Poutine | 12 | hand-cut fries, bacon gravy, cheddar curds, a fried egg, pickled greens & hot peppers



Mediterranean | 20 | marinated feta, hummus, olives, serrano ham, almonds,
fresh baked bread

Charcuterie | 20 | rotating selection of house made charcuterie, whole grain mustard,
house made pickles, crostini



House | 6 | seasonal mixed greens, sliced radish, house vinaigrette

Autumn | 12 | mixed greens, sliced apples, roasted fall squash, grilled red onions, spiced pepitas, roasted apple vinaigrette, parmesan



Soup du Jour | 7 | served with a side of fresh baked bread

Smoked Fish Fritters | 8 | trio of smoked pollock & potato fritters served with a smoked paprika aioli, pickled corn & cherry bomb pepper relish, finished with lemon zest

Fried Cardoons | 9 | buttermilk fried cardoons with parmesan, lemon zest & charred lemon ranch

Mac n’ Cheese | 12 | assorted Farmstead cheeses, IPA, rustic breadcrumbs
MIX-IN: Roasted Jalapeños +$1 | Caramelized Onions +$1 | Roasted Mushrooms +$1 | House cured Bacon +$2 | Rogue Smokey Blue +$2

Chimichurri Wings | 12 | slow cooked & char grilled chicken wings, citrus marinade, chimichurri

Mussels | 13 | Maine blue mussels, leeks, garlic, sweet potato, housemade curry paste, IPA, coconut milk, Thai basil, lime zest, grilled bread

Gnocchi | 14 | whole grain gnocchi, roasted white sweet potato puree, wild mushrooms, leeks, garlic, aged goat cheese, fresh herbs, pickled onions

Crispy Brussels Sprouts | 15 | crispy brussels sprouts and house made chorizo with honey nut squash and cranberry puree,
aged sheep cheese, lemon-thyme

Bone Marrow | 16 | house smoked beef bones, cilantro-lime salsa verde, fleur de sel, honey oat toast points  



Carnitas Tacos | 12 | two local corn tortillas, slow roasted pork shoulder, árbol chile salsa, toasted sesame-carrot purée, radishes, cilantro, toasted sesame seeds, lime

Grilled Cheese | 12 | gourmet blend of Vermont cheddar, Roth grand cru & Manchego cheeses served on thick-cut honey oat bread with your choice of dressed greens or hand-cut fries 
MIX-IN: Roasted Jalapeños +$1 | Caramelized Onions +$1 | Roasted Mushrooms +$1 | House cured Bacon +$2

BBQ Chicken | 14 | pulled chicken smothered in a roasted squash BBQ sauce, bread & butter pickled zucchini, kale & apple slaw on a grilled pan de mie roll, served with your choice of dressed greens or hand-cut fries

Grass-fed Burger | 18 | house ground grass-fed beef chuck, heart & bone marrow cooked medium rare, melted cave-aged Vermont cheddar«, house pickles, caramelized onions, Dijon aioli, sesame-ale roll, served with your choice of dressed greens or hand-cut fries



Mushroom | 18 | mushroom cream sauce, kale, sliced pears, Manchego, pickled onions,
fried sage & thyme

Squash & Bacon | 18 | kabocha squash purée, sliced apples, house cured bacon, brussels sprouts, mozzarella, Calabrian chile honey, fresh chives

Pumpkin | 18 | pumpkin & poblano pepper puree, shredded cabbage, cranberries, cheddar, cotija, oregano, lime



Dark Chocolate Brownie | 8
Smoked chocolate sauce, blackberry dulce de leche, vanilla whipped cream

Apple Crisp | 8
Fall spiced baked apples, lemon-thyme crumble, apple cider mascarpone

Housemade Ice Cream | 2.5 per scoop



Crust Bakeshop | Worcester, MA

Berberian Farm | Northboro, MA

Gibson’s Dairy | Worcester, MA

Lettuce Be Local | Sterling, MA

Tougas Farm | Northboro, MA

Fungi Ally | Amherst, MA

Queen’s Greens | Amherst, MA

Kitchen Garden | Sunderland, MA

B&B Farm | New Braintree, MA

Merrimack Valley Apiaries | Billerica, MA

Four Star Farms | Northfield, MA

Chimney Hill Farm | Petersham, MA

Applefield Farm | Stow, MA

Brookford Farm | Canterbury, NH

Maplebrook Farm | Bennington, VT