Zwanze Day 9/23

Arguably the most anticipated release in the World of beer, Zwanze is ONLY available on tap at select locations worldwide. We at Armsby Abbey are elated to again be hand-picked by Cantillon’s Jean van Roy as one of only 28 locations in the USA (70 locations worldwide) to pour Zwanze 2017.

Once again, Armsby Abbey will be hosting a ticketed, tented event within the adjacent parking lot. If you attended last year’s Zwanze tent, then you already know what is in store! If you missed out, here is your chance to get in! Only those who purchase a ticket in advance have access to this tent.

Here is information about this year’s beer directly from Jean Van Roy:

My youngest son, Sylvain, will be 18 come October. As we did for his older brother, Florian, I wanted to celebrate this milestone by dedicating a beer to him. And what better beer than the Zwanze. 

I wanted to involve Sylvain in choosing the beer, and when I asked him what blend we could make. He told me: “I love iced tea, could we try a blend with tea?” After a superb tasting of several different types of tea at “Nong Cha” tea shop in the center of Brussels, we chose three teas for trial blends with Lambics. After a few days of maturation with 2 years old Lambic, we decided on a “Oolong” (Wulong), a semi-fermented blue-green tea. The Lambic-tea blend gave a great result. The beer was delicate and round, with notes of fruit and slight bitterness. Sylvain is a huge fan of “Game of the Thrones” which inspired the graphics for the 2017 edition of our Zwanze. But in our version, no one dies and everyone has a good beer!

Tickets will go on sale via Eventbrite on Thursday evening, September 7th at 7PM EST. Mark your calendars; Zwanze 2016 sold out in under 5 minutes!

Click here for our Zwanze page on Eventbrite!

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  1. Raymond Zientara says:

    Hi. Will Zwanze be posted as a FB Event? Thank you.

  2. armsbyabbey says:

    Hi Raymond,
    We will be releasing Zwanze Day information via all of our social media outlets, so stay tuned! Cheers!

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