Bourbon Brunch 2/25-2/26

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Armsby Abbey sure does love its bourbon, especially the smooth, high rye variety produced by Four Roses.  The distiller will once again be in town for Julio’s Liquors G0! Whisk(e)y Week and what better way to cap off the week, then with our 5th Annual Bourbon Brunch! Our Chefs have crafted up a menu full of bourbon infused items and you know Joy’s bourbon cocktail creations will follow suit!

Come out and enjoy some oak aged Kentucky goodness with us and Four Roses on Saturday, February 25th & Sunday, February 26th. Tables are available on a first come, first served basis, however if you prefer to make a reservation, you may do so by giving us a call at 508.795.1012 or download the new app RESERVE to make your reservation online!

Brunch reservations are available at: 10AM / 11:45AM / 1:30PM.


Bourbon Toast | bourbon soaked cherries, candied orange zest, house mangalista lardo

Sweet Potato Doughnuts | bourbon vanilla maple glaze, bacon bits

Pancakes | trio of fluffy buttermilk pancakes, smoked maple & apple syrup, caramelized apple bourbon butter

French Toast | coffee & bourbon soaked honey oatmeal bread, black currant bourbon syrup, orange mascarpone

Hot Brown Sandwich | open faced turkey & bacon sandwich, mornay sauce, fried egg, Vermont cheddar crisp served with a side of dressed greens

Bourbon Apple Quiche | bourbon roasted apples & sweet onions, roasted butternut squash, smokey blue cheese

Chimney Hill Hash | slow cooked, citrus bourbon spiced Chimney Hill Farm boar ham; roasted sweet potatoes, golden potatoes & carrots, caramelized parsnip & bourbon apple puree, a soft-cooked egg, bourbon honey glaze

Smoked Pork Shoulder | bourbon brined smoked pork shoulder, creamy Vermont cheddar grits, braised Winter greens, a fried egg, bourbon red eye gravy

Stay tuned for additional menu items & Four Roses Bourbon cocktails!

Click here to preview our full brunch menu.

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