Fire in the Hole! 10/7

***SOLD OUT!***

Our take on “Hell Night” featuring 5 peppers over 5 courses prepared with some of the world’s spiciest peppers ranging in heat levels of mouth watering to lip peeling, make-you-wanna-cry-for-your-mommy HOT!

Tuesday, October 7th from 7PM – 9PM. Reservations are required.
To add your name to the waiting list please call 508.795.1012 today.

Argentine Style Grass-fed Beef & Cherry Pepper Empanadas
garnished with Pickled Cherry Peppers

Takanotsume (Claw of the Eagle)
Takanotsume marinated smoked Pork Belly skewers with Takanotsume glaze,
Celeriac Puree, raw shaved Takanotsume and lime zest

Scotch Bonnet
Misty Knoll Chicken Wings marinated & slowly cooked in our uber spicy
Jamaican Jerk sauce then grilled with an additional coating of Jerk sauce
served with Red Cabbage & Scotch Bonnet Slaw

Bhut Jalokia (Ghost)
Ghost Pepper Curried Eggplant with Bell Peppers, Potatoes & Coconut Milk
served with Naan Bread brushed with Ghost Pepper Ghee

Carolina Reaper
Red Pepper & Reaper Torrija,
Roasted Garlic & Vanilla Reaper Ice Cream,
Candied Reapers


All applicable taxes & beverage items are additional.
Final menu is subject to change

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