5th Annual Founders Breakast 4/5

Saturday, April 5, 2014

The 5th Annual, and final, Founders Breakfast with host Michael Bell of Founders Brewing Company will be held on Saturday, April 5, 2014.  ALL guests must be 21+ with valid ID upon arrival. Please do not be late so that we can open the doors to all those thirsty guests anxiously awaiting entry to STOUTFEST 2014 which will kick off at Noon! Congratulations to this years 100 guests, especially all those who will be partaking in their 1st ever Founders Breakfast! It took just over 2 hours this year to sell out 100 seats. Thank you for sticking it out as we detailed each callers information.

New kitchen, 35 additional seats, the very last bottles of Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout in distribution; this is going to be one hell of a breakfast and you can bet we will cap off 5 amazing years with Founders in style!


Wake Up Call!
Locally roasted coffee from Armeno Coffee Roasters in Northboro, MA
Assorted freshly baked breakfast pastries from our new Bakeshop “CRUST

Course 1
Toasted Local Grain Porridge, Bacon, Soft Cooked Chicken Egg,
Peanut & Coffee Praline, Puffed Grains, Grated Dark Chocolate, Fresh Black Truffle
Beer: Founders Breakfast Stout

Course 2
Slow Cooked, Vanilla & Bourbon Brined Lamb Belly,
Crispy Lamb Sweetbreads Smoked Parsnip Puree,
Coffee Cooked Carrots, Spiced Bourbon Lamb Jus
Beer: Kentucky Breakfast Stout

Fresh Pressed Orange Juice, Four Roses Bourbon,
Vanilla Bean Cleanse

Course 3
Smoked Chocolate Tart, Brown Butter Maple & Smoked Bone Marrow Graham Crust,
Mexican Chocolate Ice Cream, Pork Chicharrone, Local Maple Syrup
Beer: Canadian Breakfast Stout

$80 per person


2 Responses to “5th Annual Founders Breakast 4/5”

  1. emma towns says:

    is there any chance you might, please, be able to accommodate vegetarians for this amazing brunch? possibly anything simple like maybe pancakes and/or waffle and/or mac and cheese that does not include things like “bacon,” “Lamb Belly, etc.” or “Bone Marrow” or “Pork Chicharrone” I’ve been desperately wanting / trying to go to this for years, and now it is the last one!!! It would be a shame to spend $80 for just the pastries and the beverages (though the CBS may be close to worth it).
    Please help!

  2. armsbyabbey says:

    Apologies Emma however the Founders Breakfast menu stands as is; altering these selections compromises the beer pairing our Chef built the menu around. If you currently have seats and would prefer not attending due to the price, please give us a call as there is a wait list in place for any cancellations.

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