Zwanze Day 9/14

Saturday, September 14, 2013, marks the highly anticipated release of this year’s Cantillon Zwanze. Arguably the most anticipated release in the World of beer, Zwanze is ONLY available on tap at 39 locations hand selected by Cantillon’s Jean van Roy throughout the World and ONLY for this one day! Wow!

From Jean Van Roy:

“This Zwanze is not a Lambic. As you know, everyone can produce an abbey beer in Belgium, and my goal was to brew a top fermentation ‘abbey style’ mixed with a double spontaneous inoculation (natural one coming from the wild yeast present in the brewery and from the 10% Lambic we added after the first fermentation.”

“In Brussels dialect, ‘zwanzer’ is joking—and if we called this beer Abbaye de Cureghem, it’s to laugh about the fake legend build around some belgian abbey beers. Cantillon is located in the Cureghem area but the Cureghem Abbey never existed!”

Zwanze 2013 will be simul-tapped WORLDWIDE at 3PM EST and we’ll be linked to the other locations via Google hangout. In addition to our regular Bottle List we will also have multiple rare Cantillon titles available by the bottle for purchase.

We will be opening the doors at 10AM serving a limited Brunch menu until 3PM, but again, we would like to reiterate that Zwanze will NOT be tapped until 3PM EST. There are no tickets for this event. As always, this event is first come first served. Please keep in mind, at this time, we only have 80 seats within the Armsby Abbey (plus 16 outside weather permitting) and will be vigilantly monitoring the entrances to maintain order between our regular dining patrons & those here for the 3PM tapping. Tables will be reserved for our regular dining customers until 1:30/2PM to avoid any sort of squatting for Zwanze 3PM tapping. There was more than enough Zwanze for everyone in 2012 where we ran the same event format.

In honor of this the geekiest of beer days, we will also be tapping a few rarities for you as well; stay tuned for the full line-up!

Stay tuned for more geeky details coming soon!

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