Holiday Hours July 3-8

Due to the Summer Car Nationals which take over downtown Worcester the first weekend of July, the Armsby Abbey Holiday hours are as follows:

July 3-5 Open for Business as usual at 11:30AM
July 6-7 CLOSED!
July 8 Open for Business as usual at 10AM

We apologize for any inconvenience during this time, trust us, closing on the weekend is not what we want to do. However, due to the toxic plumes of smoke that billow out of the tunnel all weekend long and the burnt rubber shards that cascade all over our storefront (and any cars near it), it is just safer for all of us to stay the hell out of downtown during this time.

In case you are unfamiliar with the Summer Car Nationals, they have been disrupting downtown Worcester the first weekend in July for over 20 years now. The event’s home base is the North side of Main Street on Friday & Saturday; basically our doorstep. Most of the streets surrounding our side of Main Street are shut down to accommodate all the car junkies, herds of onlookers and of course because of the burnout strip situated on our front step in the tunnel. While most businesses might be ecstatic to have this sea of people on their front step, we certainly are not. The city of Worcester thinks this event brings money into downtown on an otherwise quiet Holiday weekend, yet the truth of the matter is it doesn’t. What this event does bring to Worcester is the wrong message; cars that trash our streets with skid marks, piles of trash that line our sidewalks, vandalized storefronts (including the local churches!)  and broken windows, people who think our parking lots & doorsteps are their personal toilet and don’t even get me started on the junkies who we catch shooting up behind the Abbey every year. Yeah there are very good reasons we are closing for 2 days.

May you all have a safe and happy holiday weekend outside of downtown Worcester. We’ll see you for Brunch on Sunday morning July 8th at 10AM!


2 Responses to “Holiday Hours July 3-8”

  1. James Norton says:

    I live at the corner of Lincoln and Green Hill Parkway so the intersection outside my bedroom window is 2 days of asshats burning out up and down the hill to the park and doing donuts in the street while my ghetto neighbors line the sidewalks pounding BMC and cheering the cars on; I feel your pain,

  2. Don garden says:

    Thanks for the explanation. Went to stop by late Friday afternoon to find you closed. Was really bummed but I could understand as a few confederate flags flew bye.

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