3rd Annual Founders Breakfast 4/14

March 24, 2012, 9:42AM – SOLD OUT!!!

Congratulations to the 64 people who were able to get tickets this morning! For those on the waiting list, you still have a chance; there are always a few cancellations. Selling seats over the phone went very smoothly and we feel this was the fairest way to give everyone, whether locally or out of state, a fair shot at getting into this years event. For all the first timers who will be attending the Founders Breakfast this year we couldn’t be more excited for you; decadent menu with a trio of coveted stouts in a room full of like-minded, beer savvy people – could you think of a better way to start your Saturday?

The 3rd Annual Founders Breakfast with host Michael Bell of Founders Brewing will be held on Saturday, April 14, 2012, beginning at 9AM. All guests must be 21+ with valid ID upon arrival. Please do not be late so that we can open the doors to all those thirsty guests anxiously awaiting entry to STOUTFEST 2012 which will kick off at Noon!

Stay tuned for the STOUTFEST line-up which will be announced in coming days containing some of the rarest stouts on Earth!


3rd Annual Founders Breakfast Menu

Wake Up Call!
Sumatra Mandheling Coffee roasted locally at Armeno Coffee Roasters
Housemade Pastries

Bacon & Eggs
Coffee/Maple Glazed House Cured Bacon, 145F Gibson Farm Egg, Grilled Housemade Brioche, Seared Asparagus, Asparagus Puree
Beer: Founders Breakfast Stout

Fresh Pressed Orange Juice, Hirsch Bourbon, Vanilla Bean Cleanse

Smoked Duck
Coffee Cured Duck Leg Smoked over Bourbon Barrel Oak Staves, Spring Onion Soubise, Potato, Nettle & Ramp Hash, Currant/Bourbon/Coffee Gastrique
Beer: Kentucky Breakfast Stout

French Toast
Housemade Oat Bread stuffed with a Vanilla infused Mascarpone & Dried Dark Stone Fruit, Bacon/Orange Zest Whipped Cream, Canadian Whisky Infused Maple Syrup
Beer: Canadian Breakfast Stout


17 Responses to “3rd Annual Founders Breakfast 4/14”

  1. Jason says:

    Cannot wait for the selections this year.
    Are tickets for the Founders Breakfast going to be based on a lotto system like last year?

  2. David says:

    please please please…..Hill Farmstead Damon

  3. Adam says:

    Interested in an answer to the same question that Jason asked above…

  4. armsbyabbey says:

    We are currently still trying to determine a fair way to sell the seats for the Breakfast. Our biggest issue obviously is that we only have 50 or so seats to sell. So if anyone has an idea how to keep this fair, we’re open to hearing you out! Unfortunately in the end, we know we can’t possibly make everybody happy… damned if we do and damned if we don’t.

  5. Jason says:

    As someone who regularly works weekends, I wasn’t able to attend the lottery last year, and therefore had no chance of winning a shot at purchasing Breakfast tickets.

    How about selling raffle tickets for a moderate amount ($5 – $10 or so). The money gathered can be used towards the ticket cost. As an example: Instead of the tickets costing $50ea for the winner, they are $25 instead (or whatever amount the tickets sales would allow).

    25 winners are chosen, with the assumption that each winner will buy a pair. And if not, any remaining tix can be purchased, 1st come, 1st served at the full price.

    I just want the opportunity to have an opportunity to win.

  6. Jared says:

    Now I’m probably biased, but maybe create a card system. For each beer you purchase at the Abbey you get a punch in the card, and after X number of beers you are entered into the drawing for tix. It would be a bit more overhead overall, but would reward regulars, and probably create a few more sales.

  7. Mike says:

    That’s a good idea jarred. It would be interesting too to see how many different craft brews people could rack up between now and then.

  8. James Norton says:

    I think the most fair way is to just guarantee me tickets since I was at the last two. =)

  9. Jason says:

    To add to my idea:
    In order to prevent people winning multiple times, limit 1 raffle win per person. If someone chooses to but a ton of raffle tickets in order to only win 1 opportunity to purchase Breakfast tix, that’ll be their choice and their risk.
    Limiting how many times someone can win will also reduce any potential raffle ticket hogging.
    It’ll also kibosh any potential ticket scalping should 1 person win multiple times.

    Beer fans work weekends too. I just want at least a fair shot at tickets to this glorious event.

  10. Paul Aho says:

    Tickets idea… pick a week between now and the Founders Breakfast, so people who would like a chance at a ticket, can stop by when they are available, and put their name down on a list. Draw names from the list at random. I’m pretty sure there are programs online that are like a “draw a name out of the hat” type program.

  11. Stoutman says:

    Just my 2 cents (tickets aside), which I am sure some may not agree with but, I personally feel the folks at the breakfast should be asked to leave and get back in line for the Stoutfest. Firstly, it’s 2 separate events. Secondly, they already had 2+ hours inside and it would be great if some who drive a good distance, had a chance to actually get a table and sit when inside. I just feel a breakfast ticket should not guarantee you a seat at the fest. You were already lucky enough to get into the breakfast. I know in previous years, I was certainly not the only one who had this opinion.

  12. MCG says:

    @Stoutman: I hear you loud and clear man. Two years ago I got in line early, maybe 11:30, and we got in pretty much right away. Maybe 15 minutes after the doors opened. Last year I was lucky enough to go to the breakfast and I noticed the line was much longer to get in, and it started forming a lot earlier.

    I’ll say this though: Closing out all the tabs, clearing all the tables, and getting everyone out the door between the end of the event and doors opening to the public…I don’t see it happening. The folks who paid for the tickets and want to stick around, I have no problem with that. A lot of people at the breakfast probably drove equally as far and paid good money on top of that to be there, so I don’t think it would be fair to make them leave and get back in line.

    I think it’s a great day and I’ll be there for the breakfast or the stoutfest, however it may work out!

  13. Jim Jackson says:

    Let’s face it, there’s no perfect solution. I was shut out from entering the lotto for the Breakfast last year because I have to work every Saturday & couldn’t take two Saturdays off to make it work. As far as moving people along, I would completely disagree. I’ve been on both sides of the issue and find that the lines arn’t excessive. Try getting into Kate Day where you have to wait hours on end. By 2pm last year the line was gone. After pulling all nighters to purchase Dead tickets in the 80’s, I feel folks feel it should be easy.

  14. Tom P says:

    As someone who doesn’t have all his weekends free. I love the idea of a raffle or ticket opportunity.

  15. Anthony says:

    Do what the Portsmouth Brewery does… (no bias here) Sell lottery tickets. Make the odds something like 1:10 and sell 500 tickets at a certain price and donate that money to a charity. The winners then have to pay the purchase price for the brunch. You give, you get, guests get and everyone’s a winner.

  16. Mr says:

    Any way you could handle ticket selection/sales in a way that would be fair to people out of state? I can’t spend a weekend driving to Worcester just for a chance at getting tickets. There should be a way to enter the raffle remotely..

  17. Eric says:

    Have a lottery system. $5 per ticket or $10 per pair. Thru paypal. Individuals can only purchase the single or pair at one time. But can enter as often as they would like; having to pay the extra paypal charges. This allows everyone an opportunity and allows a couple to attend together if they should win. Armsby then holds raffle and posts names on web site. The money goes to local charity.
    1. Fair to all
    2. The more you are willing to spend the greater your chance
    3. Slight limitation forcing those with extra cash to pay the paypal charges for extra entries.
    4. Allows ‘couples’ to win together or option of single entry
    5. Win Win for Armsby and local Charity…would be good story for newspaper!

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