Summer Car Nationals July 2-4

Due to “Summer Car Nationals” which takes over downtown Worcester July 2-4, 2010,  the Armsby Abbey will be CLOSED all weekend.

In case you are not familiar with the Summer Car Nationals, this is their 19th year in Worcester. The event takes place the first weekend of July every year Thursday thru Sunday and its home base is the North side of Main Street in downtown Worcester; basically on our doorstep. Most of the streets surrounding our side of Main Street are shut down to accommodate all the classic cars, herds of onlookers and of course because of the burnout strip that is situated right on our front step. While most businesses would be ecstatic to have this sea of people on their front step, we are not. Thus, we have opted to close our doors early on Thursday & Friday and avoid the hubbub altogether on Saturday & Sunday.

We apologize to all our loyal patrons as well as the potential new customers who will be inconvenienced by our hours of operation during this event, but none of us want to be subject to the influx of exhaust fumes or the toxic plumes of smoke that envelope the city from the burnouts.

We attempted opening for business last year and learned that its is simply not worth the headaches. We will resume regular business hours on Monday, July 5th at 11:30AM.


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