Dr. Gonzo Mustard Naming 3/23

The good ole’ Doctor has been kind enough to come up with a very special Mustard for the Armsby Abbey. It is a whole grain mustard made with Duvel Green. If you have been lucky enough to try it on our European Slate, you know its good! So on Tuesday, March 23rd from 7PM-10PM we will be offering samples and taking names… for the Mustard that is. If you know the Doctor & Alec, you best have a creative name that sticks!

The winner will be chosen by Alec, Sherri & Dr. Gonzo. Your prize? Well in addition to naming the mustard, the winner will receive a jar of said mustard, a Dr. Gonzo T-Shirt, an Armsby Abbey Tote Bag and a $50 gift card to the Armsby Abbey! The 2nd & 3rd Runners-up will also receive an assortment of chosen goodies as well! So come on down to the Armsby Abbey, have a few beers, taste some mustard and take in the sounds of Jon Short! As the Good Doctor would say…. it’s good for what ails ya!

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