The Craft Beer Revolution Starts Here …

by Matt Webster on

Wake up Worcester!!! Craft beer is the fastest growing segment of the adult beverage market. But who in Worcester knows about it? Ummm … ummm … ummm. Who in Worcester cares what the American public is so adamantly demanding? Echo … echo … echo …

There is one man. No it’s not me. Though I am a proud supporter of all things craft beer. It’s Mr. Alec Lopez. The owner/operator of The Dive Bar and the Arsmby Abbey has taken the craft beer scene to new heights in the seemingly forever stagnant Worcester beer landscape. Alec asked me specifically not to write a review of the bar or restaurant. This article is to show people what can be done through the right resources and a little bit of ingenuity.

Next week the Craft Brewers Conference invades Boston. I know that doesn’t mean anything to the majority of the restaurants in Worcester or Central MA, but Alec has created such a stir with the food and beer at both locations that the best in the craft beer business from around the world will be blanketing the city all next week. Alec’s goal, to put it his words – “Have the most obnoxious beer geek selection available.” Here is what’s in store for all those not in the know:

Monday (4/20): The Dive Bar’s annual Get Hazed event featuring Boulder Beer. This is the third anniversary of the event, held every year on 4/20. This night, “is all about Hazed”, says Lopez. Other beers on tap will include Boulder Sweaty Beaty, Boulder Mojo and Boulder Mojo Risin. If you’re not getting the theme, just get down to The Dive – it will all come full circle. Representation from the brewery will be there to answer any questions including local rep Marvin Simpson. Alec is also counting on the owner and head brewer from Boulder to be on hand as well.

Tuesday (4/21): The Armsby Abbey will host the MA launch of Duvel Green draft. The great thing about this is that Worcester gets the first draw. All other kegs will be delivered the next day around the state. Also being tapped that night will be Ommegang Rouge. Other Ommegang beers available on draft are as follows: Ommegang Three Philosophers, Ommegang Rare Vos and Ommegang Hennepin. Jake Feltenberger the Duvel USA local rep will be on hand. Other suprise visitors could include the President of Duvel USA and head brewers.

Wednesday: This is HUGE!! This may go down as the biggest one night event in Worcester restaurant history. The Armsby Abbey has partnered with Avery Brewing Companyfor a five course sit down beer dinner. Adam Avery, President of Avery Brewing Company, will be on hand to speak about his world class beers while Alec will be dropping knowledge about all the various food selections. Seating is limited for this event, so I would recommend you get your tickets now. The last beer dinner hosted by the Abbey was sold out in fifteen minutes once they posted it online. Talk about buzz!! The full menu with beer pairings can be found by clicking here.

Thursday: Alec is calling this a “day of rest”, but lord knows he’ll be around either location. Plus, they can’t let a day go during the Craft Brewers Conference without doing something crazy. Stop by the Abbey or it may be The Dive or it may be the Abbey to get a taste of Pretty Things Baby Tree – a Belgian Quad from our friends in Cambridge, MA. This will be another one of those, “you can only get it here”, beers.

Friday: Alec is off to what he calls, “the biggest compliment I have ever received.” Based on the decision of a well respected peer group throughout the Northeast, Alec will be representing the craft beer community and Worcester with world renowned brewer and author Garrett Oliver. Anyone with their own website is really is obviously a big deal. Alec will be part of a panel abtly named The Brewer, The Chef and The Restaurateur. The theme of the discussion will be the general importance of integrating beer into your menu and how to market it. Tickets for the Craft Brewers Conference can only be purchases on location at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston.

Saturday: From what this listener discerned, there will be a Lost AbbeyPizza Port night. Scheduled to be tapped will be Wipe Out, Serpent Stout as well a few other selections. Only twelve barrels were sent to the state and The Dive/Abbey has been allocated a third of them. Other barrels will be poured at some of the most well respected beer bars in Boston – Deep Ellum and The Publick House.

As for that “obnoxious” beer selection, keep an eye out all week for Kentucky Breakfast Stout, Weyerbacher 12, a slew of Dogfish Head aged limited release beers (120/World Wide Stout/Burton Baton) and Mad Bitch. There will also be a solid MA representation on tap with the likes of Mayflower, Honest Town, Berkshire and Pretty Things.

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