Thank You for Voting us Best of Worcester!

When we opened the doors to the Armsby Abbey July 31, 2008, we knew we had created something special. We knew the passion and soul put into the development of the Armsby Abbey would make us a success; we just didn’t know how big a success it would be!

THANK YOU!!! To all who voted for the Armsby Abbey in Worcester Magazine’s Best of Worcester 2009 Awards. THANK YOU!!! to our staff for sticking by us and giving the Armsby Abbey its spirit without you we couldn’t have made it this far!

The Armsby Abbey & its staff swept an unprecedented 13 categories and came in a close runner-up in 3 more! Here are the results based on you… our fans, customers, friends, staff and loved ones. We couldn’t be more grateful for all your patronage & continued support then we are today.

Sherri & Alec

BEST of Worcester Winners:
Best NEW Restaurant
Best Beer Selection
Best Chef, Louis Thomas & Alec Lopez
Best Bartender, Sherri Sadowski-Lopez
Best Male Server, Joe Scully
Best Female Server, Sara Sorola
Best Mixed Drinks
Best Lunch Spot
Best Date Spot
Best Sunday Brunch
Best Soup
Best Bread
Best Salad

BEST of Worcester Runners-up:
Best Bartender, Mike Porter
Best Restaurant
Best Restaurant Service

2 Responses to “Thank You for Voting us Best of Worcester!”

  1. diana juodaitis says:

    LOVED our first visit today!!! I could taste every ingredient practically in our choices- the way a meal should be. Simple, fresh- I love how you use local providers for all your menu selections. It makes the restaurant stand way above the rest and I will rave about it to others for months to come. I think Worcester needs a good beer place that has nothing to do with being Irish. The selection is mind-boggling but I trusted my waitstaff to bring me their favorites and they did very well. There is more to life than Bud or ahhh…Sam Adams. Strawberries and ice cream lasted about 2 minutes in the bowl– thanks so much!!! I did notice your window boxes were empty and I happen to be quite the gardener— I am available any time to beautify your greatest accomplishment. Let me know… you can pay me in beer!!!!!!!!!!! Be back soon!!

  2. Liz Keyes says:

    The good new is there is a great selection and quality of beer. The bad news however is that we were hoping to get some dinner before seeing a show at the Hanover Theater at 8:00 pm on a Saturday night. We arrived shortly before 6:00 pm, and sadly we had to leave before being able to enjoy some pizza as the wait was EXTREMELY LONG even though we ordered food soon after we arrived. We were not able to get a table, and it took OVER 30 minutes to get an appitizer while standing at the bar. The Mediterranean Slate was delicious when it did finally arrive. We waited until about 7:40 when we had to cancel our order from the kitchen. The staff was helpful and apologetic. I would think about returning some time when I can spend the whole evening.

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