Craft Brewers Conference Comes to Boston

An excerpt from the coverage of the Craft Brewers Conference, in Boston MA.

Alec Lopez followed Kevin… Which is good, because Alec would prove hard to follow in describing his Armsby Abbey. When he opened Armsby Abbey on July 31, 2008 all of his staff had undergone four weeks of training on beer, food, spirits and the local farms that Armsby sources all it’s food from. Alec compiled a binder with a page devoted to each beer, farm, food item and spirit on the menu; the servers had to know all about each one. To put this in perspective they carry about 150 beers alone. He then made the staff take a test which, unbeknownst to them, he had designed for them to fail. This way he knew where the weak points were and re-educated. Only after passing a second test were people allowed to work. Almost a year later, all 30 employees are still on board. As for the food at Armsby Abbey? It’s almost all made with beer in it in some capacity and with every food item they suggest a beer to pair with the meal. In the recent Best of Worcester Awards run by Worcester Magazine, Armsby Abbey took 13 categories, which is unheard of, and three runner-up awards. Alec is the head chef in addition to being the owner. Coincidentally his second in command chef used to be a brewer. Between the two of them, it’s no wonder they have such a good beer list! To close this paragraph, I’ll leave you with an interesting tid-bit I learned from Alec: Armsby Abbey goes through six cases of Brooklyn Brown Ale per week just making it’s Brooklyn Brown Ale Whole Wheat bread alone. That’s more than people drink there! Alec and his wife will be opening a bakery next to the restaurant very soon, though, which is good news to anybody near by. Basically, the lesson to take from this is that if you live at all near Worcester, MA definitely hit up Armsby Abbey sooner rather than later.

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  1. Jeff says:

    Hey guys, glad you liked the write-up on the panel! That was definitely one of the best seminars I attended all week. We have to make it out to Armsby Abbey soon, I’ve heard so many good things… I’m quite embarrassed not to have made it out there yet.


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